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Aloha! I’m so glad that you are here! I am Sierra Schmidt, creator of Free to Travel Mama. This all began as a fun and creative outlet for my travel-loving self and family. I love planning trips almost as much as taking them, and so Free to Travel Mama allows me to share our experiences as well as keep me busy in between our travels!

Free to Travel Mama’s main goal is to encourage everyday families like us to seek adventure and make space in their daily lives to explore the world around them. We strive to:

  • INSPIRE: We have met too many parents who think that traveling with their children is out of reach. We strive to inspire them to plan their own adventures with our images and experiences.
  • SIMPLIFY: We take the guesswork out of trip planning by providing families with detailed travel information to make their vacation preparation simple + enjoyable for everyone – especially with kids
  • GROW: Partner with businesses who are providing products + services that our readers are looking for and help bring them organic exposure.

You can view our Media Kit here for more details on our site and previous partnerships.

For travel questions, business inquiries, or just to say hello, feel free to reach me directly at

I hope to get the opportunity to chat with you soon!


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