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If you have planned your dream vacation, all you need now is for someone to capture those memories for you in a way that is much more flattering than selfies! Check out our top tips for booking a beautiful photo session to help you always remember your special trip. #freetotravelmama #travelphotos #familyvacation

If you are like us, you dream and plan for your vacations for weeks, months or even years. I am going to present to you an idea that you may have not considered – reasons why you should hire a professional photographer on your dream vacation! Vacations are filled with special memories, new adventures, often celebratory occasions, and with people that you love. Hiring a professional photographer to capture our favorite vacation memories is one our very favorite things to do when we travel – and I am going to go out on a limb here and promise that you will love it too!

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12 Reasons to Hire a Vacation Photographer

Reasons to Hire a Vacation Photographer | Family photo on Kailua Beach, Oahu

1. Booking a Photographer on Vacation is SO Easy

Many people are deterred by the expected hassle of finding a photographer in another city. Luckily, a few different companies make the process SO incredibly easy. Flytographer is our favorite company. They have photographers in over 200 cities worldwide. Upon sign up, you are assigned a concierge to help you plan your shoot and choose the photographer whose style you connect with. After your photo shoot, you receive your photos within 5 days. So incredibly seamless!

Bonus! If you check them out through my referral link, you get $25 off your first photo shoot Hooray!!)

Reasons to Hire a Vacation Photographer | Family Photos on Oahu, Hawaii at Kailua Beach

2. Professional Vacation Photographers Have the Right Equipment

Touching on the reason above, your professional photographer will come with the complete package – fancy camera, lighting knowledge, guidance for posing options, and prior experience in your photo shoot location. Their equipment will better capture your natural skin tones and the vibrant colors around you of the green rice fields or turquoise waters.

Reasons to Hire a Vacation Photographer | Couples Photos at the Eiffel Tower at sunrise

3. Get the Whole Family in the Photo

Every family has their go-to photographer. Is it you? I LOVE capturing my family in front of the camera, however, it isn’t so easy to make sure that I get in front of the camera too. My hubby is great about capturing some moments of me with the kiddos, but then he isn’t in those shots either. Getting photos of the whole family is NOT easy to do! Hiring a photographer for an hour ensures that amid all of the fun selfies and quickly shot candid photos, we will have a set of shots that captures the whole family together.

Reasons to Hire a Vacation Photographer | Family Photos in Hawaii on Kailua Beach

For those of you that I don’t like your photos taken, I encourage you to remember that your children will want photos of you someday. They don’t care if you don’t think you are photogenic, they love you just the way you are. If you don’t have photos taken for you, then I hope you will try this once – for them.

4. Great Way to Document Special Occasions

Chances are your vacation may be a celebrations of some kind, perhaps a Honeymoon, Babymoons, Proposal, Girls’ Weekend, or Romantic Getaway. What better way to remember the special occasion filled with amazing memories than with gorgeous photos to put in a photo book or on your mantle?

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Reasons to Hire a Vacation Photographer | Couples photos in front of the Eiffel Tower, Trocadero at sunrise

5. Photo Sessions May Get You Out of Bed Early

This reason may catch you by surprise, but stick with me for a moment. If you are on a secluded beach for your family vacation, than this may not apply. But what about if you are visiting Paris or Honolulu? These vacations are BUSY (and for good reason – they are fantastic!). But this means that they are crowded as well. Setting up an early morning vacation photo shoot, will not only allow you to get great photos without oodles of people in them, but it will also allow you to experience these places in peace and quiet before everyone else gets there! It’s a win-win!

Our sunrise photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower was one of our favorite moments of our entire trip! The beauty of this iconic place was breathtaking in the early morning air. However, we would have NEVER gotten out of bed that early if we didn’t have a photo shoot scheduled, but we are SO glad that we did.

Reasons to Hire a Vacation Photographer | Flytographer Photo Shoot at Eiffel Tower in Paris

6. Life Goes So Fast!

Not to be one of the mushy articles that remind you that you only have 18 summers before your children grow up, but in all seriousness, are your children growing as fast as mine are? Our travels are some of my favorite memories with my kiddos, and when I look back at these photos, I am transported back to when I saw their eyes light up as they experienced a new adventure like snorkeling or got to see a famous building or monument that previously has only been seen in a book. Capture those memories – I promise you won’t regret it!

Reasons to Hire a Vacation Photographer | Child Photographer on beach on Oahu

7. Channel your Inner Model

The fact is that I am just not good at posing myself for a photo. I can stand there and smile but have no idea what do to with my hands or how to angle myself in a flattering way on my own. Flytographer asks you specifically how much guidance you would like during your photo shoot, and I always choose the maximum amount! Our photographers have been so amazing at guiding us how to pose while still capturing natural moments.

Reasons to Hire a Vacation Photographer | Souvenir Idea: Photo Shoot at Eiffel Tower

8. High Quality Photos Beat Selfies Any Day

Selfies sure have their place and can be fun and cute – but let’s face it, they usually are used because they are convenient and not necessarily because they usually turn out that great. Or is that just us?! Blurriness, blown out backgrounds, and chopped off heads are often the norm! We don’t want you to eliminate your selfies – they are fun in their place for sure! – but we can guarantee that beautiful professional photos that better capture the landscape behind you will not only capture your memories, but will capture them beautifully in a way that is canvas worthy for decorating the walls of your home.  

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9. Your Vacation Photographer is a Local with Local Tips to Share

Besides having experience at your desired photo location (our photographer in Paris told us that she did sunrise photo shoots there every day of the week!), your photographer also likely has tips for the best coffee shop, pizza spot, or sunset viewing beach. Ask away! They will be happy to make your whole trip incredible beyond even your photo shoot.

11. Photos Make the Best Travel Souvenirs

To be honest, we are not big shoppers. We spend very little time shopping on our vacations, but do usually bring home a Christmas ornament, local treats, or books for our children. However, our vacation photos are my favorite souvenir in the entire world. They allow me to adorn my home with photos of the places that I love with the people that I love. They don’t just capture our vacation memories, but they are beautiful works of art that I will forever cherish.

Reasons to Hire a Vacation Photographer | Family Beach Photo Hawaii

11. Hiring a Vacation Photographer is So Much Fun!

As much as you might love having beautiful vacation photos, you also want to enjoy every part of your vacation. If a vacation photo shoot wasn’t enjoyable, you would skip it! But we have found our photo shoots to be so much fun! The local photographers know how to make my children smile, how to make us feel beautiful, and how to make the whole experience as FUN as every other activity we have done on our trip, usually even more so!

Reasons to Hire a Vacation Photographer | Family Photo on vacation in Hawaii on the beach

12. Flytographer $25 Off your First Shoot

The price of a professional photographer will usually rival the cost of a family photo shoot in your hometown. We have found Flytographer to be very reasonably priced and we often build a photo shoot into the vacation budget for our trips so that we can capture the memories of each special trip we take.

Don’t forget to use this $25 off of your first photo shoot with this link! No need to have your photo shoot now, but click the link now and save it in your account if you want to take full advantage of the savings later on. Awesome, right? OR you can even buy yourself a gift card at $25 off and save it for your next trip – no expiration!

If a photo shoot still isn’t in your budget, check out ways to save with our popular tips here: Hawaii on a Budget

Will you be booking a vacation photographer on your next travel adventure? I’d love to hear where you are going, if so!

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Photo Credits: Tara in Honolulu with Flytographer and Olga in Paris with Flytographer

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If you have planned your dream vacation, all you need now is for someone to capture those memories for you in a way that is much more flattering than selfies! Check out our top tips for booking a beautiful photo session to help you always remember your special trip. #freetotravelmama #travelphotos #familyvacation
Hand your camera to a stranger? Try to fit the whole family into the screen for a selfie? They ARE better ways to capture beautiful family photos on your vacation and we are in LOVE with them. Check out our top reasons for making this happen. #freetotravelmama #familyphotos #vacationphotos #hawaiiphotographer

If you are looking for the perfect souvenir or travel gift - vacation photos may be just the perfect idea for capturing the memories of your special vacation Check out out top reasons why you should add a vacation photographer to your next trip. #freetotravelmama #vacationphotographer #eiffeltower

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  1. I have looked into hiring a photographer on my travels before but never actually booked. This makes it so easy! I think I may just have to do it 🙂

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    • Oh, it really is so easy and so much fun! Hope you love it as much as we do! 🙂

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    • I’ve never thought about hiring a photographer for a vacation! Great idea and you’re phots are stunning!

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  2. Omg, why have I never thought of this?? AND it would get me out of bed and ready to explore earlier!

    Post a Reply
    • It is SO hard to get up that early but SO worth it – even without a photo shoot!

      Post a Reply
    • Cheers to you for giving me a great new idea for our upcoming family vacation! I was going to schedule holiday pictures in town but what a great story it will be to schedule them for the abroad! Great tip! Thank you!

      Post a Reply
  3. I saw your gorgeous photo of your family at the beach in your previous post, so I can totally see this is a fantastic idea. The photos turned out soooo well. They are such perfect souvenirs.

    I love your Paris piccies too. <3

    Post a Reply
    • Ahh…thank you so much!

      Post a Reply
  4. Beautiful photos! We love hiring vacation photographers too! We have used them in Paris and Edinburgh, and we have a photoshoot lined up with them for Oahu soon. The results are always priceless!

    Post a Reply
  5. These photos are so stunning! I am always behind the camera and rarely in front of it with the whole family, I’ll definitely have to look into this next time!

    Post a Reply
  6. Okay, you have me convinced!! I always think about this idea, but never execute – I have to make it happen for our next trip!!

    Post a Reply
  7. Love this idea! I’m almost always the one behind the camera, and we joke that my husband can’t take a sharp picture to save his life. Would be nice to have pro family photos!

    Post a Reply
  8. I’ve never even considered hiring a photographer on vacation but I think I may have just changed my mind!! This is really cool! Great photos!

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  9. You gave such a cute family and your pictures are wonderful!

    Post a Reply
  10. Beautiful photos! Love this idea & we’d love to try it on a trip soon!

    Post a Reply
  11. These photos are gorgeous! You sold me on it. I think I’ll do this on my next trip and use the pics on our Christmas cards. Love it!!

    Post a Reply
    • They would be perfect for Christmas cards!

      Post a Reply
  12. I never really thought of hiring a vacation photographer and most of the time I travel solo, but I do feel the need of one when I am in a very picturesque location. Thank you for putting together this post

    Post a Reply
    • Oh yes! These are perfect for solo travelers too!

      Post a Reply
  13. Actually, the idea to hire a photographer on my holiday has never crossed my mind so far to be honest! My husband is a semi-professional photographer and he always takes my pictures. But then again, I would love to have more couple pics – so we actually SHOULD think about that for another holiday! And I have to say: Your family pictures are stunning! You all look gorgeous in them – and it’s easy to see you had a really good creative photographer!

    Post a Reply
    • Thank you so much! Our photographer was fantastic!

      Post a Reply
  14. Now that’s something that would never have occurred to me in a million years! But I have to say, now that I have seen your pictures, I’m terribly tempted.

    Post a Reply
    • Oh, it so worth giving it a try!

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